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429 Boss Ford Blower Manifold Assm.

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RBS specializes in stocking some of the tough to find blower manifolds and here is a shining example of the holy grail for Ford fans, The Boss 429 Ford blower manifold!

When you have a Boss 429 the respect meter is about pegged, add a roots blower on the Boss and you have smashed the respect meter.

The intake includes a spring loaded backfire valve for manifold protection in case of blower backfire and does require a low profile crank trigger distributor. This manifold fits a 6-71 thru 16-71 roots supercharger.

Blower manifold is 5.100" tall from deck of block to blower mounting surface. Designed for factory type cylinder head ports.

Buyer can choose from a satin or polished finish at time of purchase from drop down menu.