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BBC RCD Outboard Support Idler Bracket Assm.

BBC billet outboard brace idler bracket assm. This bracket is made from billet aluminum and is .750" thick to provide superior strength with lightning pockets to still offer lightweight for your racing application. It mounts off the water pump holes and is meant to be used for competition use.

Includes .250" water pump block off plates that O-ringed, .750" alum. spool spacers, heat treated studs with cad plated nuts and AN washers.

Fits 396, 402, 427, 454 and most other aftermarket BBC engine blocks. Uses industry standard 1.00" T-nut slot and has a seven inch adjustment slot for blower belt tensioning. This bracket also incorporates a outboard brace to help maintain idler pulley tension and help increase blower belt life.

Ported water blocks are available if water is to be run thru the engine under #1500-0019A.