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Bench Top Hemi Cylinder Head Stand Fat/Muscle

Part No.:  2700-0014E
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This cylinder head stand was developed to be used with Cannister Motorsports valve spring maintenance tool and allows the racer a quick and easy way to hold the cylinder head and lock all eight valves in place to change valve springs and measure installed valve spring heights.

Stand is made from CNC machined billet alum. and simple to use with basic hand tools. Simply drop the stand locating dowels into the cylinder head install the three bolts from the valve spring side and flip the head up on the stand adjust the valve locking screws to where you like and let maintenance begin.

Stand is light and compact and can be broken down easily to store in the trailer or inside a tool cabinet at the shop. Fits BAE, AJPE, Total Flow, Noonan and Co-Line Hemi alcohol-style heads equipped with Manton, BAE, T&D, and Co-Line/Medlen rocker assemblies.

Includes detailed instructions on installation and use.