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Burst Panel Diverter Anodized DMPE

Part No.:  2000-0003C
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This handy device is a must for door cars with hoods, or a funny car where body damage is to be prevented in the case of a burst panel popping and destroying the nose of your car. Or can be used on a dragster and turned up in the rear to prevent puke tank damage.

It is made of billet aluminum and fits the industry standard twenty four bolt configuration of most blower manifolds. There is also a flat machined in the center of the part that is drilled if you use a depth mic to see if your burst panel is bulging and ready to pop. Diverter is machined so all twenty four bolts can be installed with a ratchet saving time between burst panel changes.

Diverter is anodized black to give your race car a stealth appearance.