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Cragar Blower Manifold Burst Panel Adpt.

Part No.:  2000-0011
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For the racer that has a vintage Cragar blower manifold and wants a quick and simple way to install a SFI burst panel without costly fabrication that will alter the vintage manifold forever RBS is proud to offer this kit which makes such a task a simple one with a bolt on burst panel kit.

Burst panel adpt. plate is made from .500" billet alum. that has two .375" mounting holes on a 4.590" bolt spread which is typical of most Cragar intakes but the racer should check before purchasing to make sure the burst panel adpt. will fit. Adapter plate is drilled and tapped with twenty four holes to fit the industry standard SFI burst panel and kit includes grade eight moutning hardware to mount the panel adpt. and mount the .375" burst panel frame to the burst panel adpt.

For different blower manifold applications the manifold needs to have a flat 6.125" x 3.125" surface to mount the adapter to. Hole between the countersunk bolt holes is 3.375" x 1.375".

If racer needs a burst panel check out part #2000-0001.