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Burst Panel Frame Inner W/Support Bolt And Nut

Part No.:  2000-0009
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For the racer that would like to install a inner burst panel frame to have the panel support behind the burst panel RBS has just the kit for you.

Made from .250" billet alum. with a cross brace machined into the frame that has a button head bolt with a jam nut so the racer can set the height of the bolt to be up snug against the back of the burst panel and help support the panel when the motor is idleing so the panel does not oil can back and forth and prematurely crack and rupture the burst panel.

This cage fits the industry standard twenty four bolt SFI burst panel and includes cad plated 10-24 cap screws to work with the inner and outer frames. Frame is made from .250" billet alum. and is anodized black for a stealth look. Frame measures 6.125" x 3.125" outside dimensions.