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DMPE M4 Hi Helix Supercharger Assm. 14-71

Part No.:  1200-0062
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DMPE 14-71 M4 hi helix supercharger was designed for everyone's racing budget and offers serious boost to anyone tractor pulling, blasting down the asphalt, roosting thru the sand or assaulting the liquid quarter mile.

Using a heat treated cast alum. case, billet alum. front cover, billet bearing plates and hundred and twenty degree billet X3 rotors stripped with Teflon this blower is capable of making serious power in the 1320.

Built using heat treated steel shafts, heat treated steel helical gears, precision bearings and Teflon seals this blower will insure longevity and the strength to live up to the demands of high rpm alcohol racing.

The DMPE 14-71 M4 supercharger comes with changeable top insert plate which makes it a tunable blower for different track conditions or different overdrive classes.

Blower includes a blower snout at time of purchase and the racer can choose the length as well as the top opening size.

This supercharger is completely 3D designed and machined to save a seven pound weight reduction over a stock Kobelco Superman. The inlet and discharge port have been moved and redesigned to increase in the performance of the unit. Insert shoes are available from DMPE in shapes and sizes they have designed and dyno tested.

The M4 design is aimed at offering a blower that will parallel the performance (or out perform) the modified blowers in there stock form. The 14-71 with 5.375" drive snout weighs ninety nine pounds. Finish is sinister black and will give your hot rod an outlaw appearance in the winners circle or in the pits. Let the competition know you didn't show up at the track to take runner up.