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TC SSI/Kobelco Pulley Non Starter Mount

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TC SSI/Kobelco roots non starter mount. This guard is made of billet aluminum and provides strong durable protection of your precious hood, funny car body, etc. in the event of a blower belt loss.

It fits 6-71 thru 18-71 SSI/Kobelco roots superchargers and can fit up to a 60 tooth in 8mm or a 34 in 13.9 or 14mm.

Mounting hardware must be purchased separately due to snout lengths and blower variations.

Available also is a side guard kit that mounts to any belt configuration or engine and can be purchased separate.

This guard is designed to be mounted to the SSI/Kobelco front blower cover that has the three mounting bosses machined into the front cover.

Racer can choose finish in anodized black or polished alum. from drop down menu.