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DMPE, Kobelco, SSI, Fowler Retro Plate Blower Stud And Nut Kit


.500" set back plate blower stud and nut kit. This is a kit that includes 8 hard anodized alum. nuts with built in washers and 8 hard anodized alum. studs. T

Kit fits all PSI, SSI, DMPE or Kobelco superchargers using a .500" thick set back blower manifold plate. The threads are a 7/16-20 on the nut side of the stud and on the manifold side a 7/16-14 which have been machined so you don't have to cut stock studs.

The unique feature of these studs are that they have an internal broached hex that make installation a snap with an allen wrench. Hard anodizing helps prevent galling and the alum. provides light weight while providing a safety factor in the event of a supercharger backfire saving your supercharger or manifold.