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Dual Reguator Gauge Adpt.

Made from billet heat treated anodized alum. this fitting allows a racer to plumb in a liquid filled Co 2 pressure gauge inline coming off the Co 2 bottle which will allow the racer a complete liquid filled gauge/dual regulator kit in a small and tidy package.

Wrench hex is .562" on the -4 nut and .875" hex which is drilled and tapped 1/8" female pipe on two sides allowing the racer options where to stick there Co 2 pressure gauge.

Picture four, five and six are shown to give the racer an idea on how to plumb and connect all the parts when using a 150/250 all in one regulator but each piece is sold separate.

Fitting includes a internal hex plated steel 1/8" pipe plug to plug off the side of the fitting the racer doesn't use.