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FIE/Taylor Bulk Spark Plug Wire 100 ft.

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For the racer that runs a front mounted offset mag drive with six foot leads or maybe has a multi-engine modified pull tractor buying spark plug wire in a 100ft. roll makes sense to save money and pretty much never chance on running out in the middle of the night when you are making wires for your record breaking attempt at the track or when your no spark plug wire stocking friends come around to bum some wire. You know they guy "I only need a little piece, like say seven foot".

Racer can choose between red or black and solid or suppression spark plug wire.

Suppression core 8.2mm Taylor Thunder-Volt 50 wire in bulk. At only 40 ohms per foot, this racing suppression wire is MSD Pro-mag compatible and can also be used with Super-Mags, Sprintmags and Vertex mags where tachometers, data loggers and other noise-sensitive equipment is used while keeping output to the plug as high as possible.

Solid core Taylor 8mm solid core plug wire in bulk. If you do NOT run electronics on-board (tach, shift-light, data logger, etc.), these are the wires you want for your magneto. With ZERO impedance, these wires deliver every volt to the spark plug. This wire is NOT compatible with box-type ignitions or MSD Pro-mags!