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JBR Pro Mod/Funny Car Carbon Fiber Injector Assm.

RBS is proud to bring the racer one of the newest carbon hats for a pro mod roots blower. It is made by JBR and the workmanship is flawless. This injector will get the butterflies up over the rollcage or hood cowling to get the injector into some clean air and provide the blower with more air to make more boost which we all know with an blown alch. engine boost is your friend.

Injector is sold as in the pictures but can be made complete if the customer likes. This injector uses a billet alum. front plate to mount the butterflies giving a perfect fit to make idle setting easy. This injector has today's blower injector spacer combined into the design of the hat which is common with many of today's pro mods so that the racer doesn't have to spend extra money on a spacer and it keeps the weight down by not having to add a billet alum. spacer.

Also the two front mounting bolts have been moved out making for a smoother airflow transition and allowing the racer to burn more fuel making more power. Injector is sold with a blower mounting plate that is .250" thick and made from billet alum. and black anodized. Injector has a 65 sq. in. butterfly area.