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JBR Roots Blower Inj. Adapt. Spread Bolt Pattern

JBR injector spread bolt pattern adpt. Made from .250" alum. this adpt. allows a racer to run the newest spread front bolt pattern injector on a conventional bolt pattern roots supercharger. Injector has better air flow with the spread front bolt pattern allowing more air into the engine making more power.
The plate is O-ringed on both sides sealing to the injector as well as the blower restraint. Included with the adpt. is grade eight mounting hardware and O-ring for both sides of the plate. Plate is black anodized for corrosion protection and to give your hot rod the stealth look.
Opening in plate is 9.750" x 4.375" and can be opened up by the racer if they have a larger opening in there blower. Bolts to all roots blowers that use the 13.250" on center bolt pattern.