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PSI Distribution/Restraint Plate 206 C Or D Small Port

PSI 206 C or D screw blower large port distribution/restraint plate. As racers have figured out how to make more power with their engine combinations they have come up with ways to modify factory parts to allow the engine to breathe better. As we all know more air in, more fuel more power!!!!
RBS carries these all ready modified plates that a racer can buy off the shelf without having to modify a factory part.

Small port opening is 6.750" x 3.840" and racer should have the blower manifold modified to match the small port plate if chosen to buy this plate.

Plate goes between the blower and blower manifold and is made from .250" billet alum. and is black anodized for longevity and O-ringed to provide superior seal. The plate has been machined to allow the air to come out the bottom of the blower and be routed to the cylinders to help try and even up fuel distribution.