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PSI Screw Blower Mini Snout Steel Driveshaft

Part No.:  1400-0014D
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From time to time on a PSI screw blower the top pulley will come loose and damage the blower snout drive shaft. Well my friends whether you are at the track or back at the shop with a pair of snap ring pliers the racer can replace the shaft in the snout and be ready to run again in a snap.

Made from billet heat treated steel this driveshaft is broached to fit the quill shaft and has been machined for the six 1/4-28" blower pulley bolt holes and six 1/4" locating dowel pin holes that are industry standard on PSI screw blower pulleys. Finish is black oxide.

If the racer needs a seal for the snout check out part #700-066.