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Pushrod Length Checking Tool Kit Adjustable

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For the guy that builds an engine everyday or only a couple a year here is an adjustable pushrod tool kit that will take the guess work out of pushrod length for your next project. Includes eight alum. pushrod tubes that range from 6.00" up to 14.00"with eight adjustable 5/16" balls, two adjustable 5/16 cups, two adjustable 3/8" cups and two checking springs so the racer can accurately measure pushrod length and be confident when the delivery truck shows up they are going to fit the engine the first time.

Tool kit is stored in a handy plastic tube with rubber slip on ends so storage in the trailer or in the tool box is no issue.

For the racer that only builds Hemi engines RBS does offer a Hemi only kit that the racer can choose with the main difference being that there is only five alum. pushrod tubes that range from 10.00" to 14.00".