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RCD Hemi Angled Idler Bracket Alum. Assm.

Part No.:  1500-0006
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Hemi alum. angled idler bracket assm. This bracket is made from billet alum. and will give you maximum blower belt adjustment with superior strength aiding in blower belt life and helping you to get to the finish line under power.

The bracket uses a gundrilled billet .750" steel stud to hold the idler pulley and has a support on the other side to give proper blower belt tension. Shown in the pictures is just one of many versions that are available.

RBS recommends calling or emailing to order this bracket as there are many options. This bracket can be made to be used with the 2.625", 3.00" ,3.40" and the 4.10" blower belts. There is an option for single or dual mag drive.

Optional jack screw adjustment for the rear of the bracket helps with preloading against the T-nut. Optional fastner kit for TFX or BAE, KB, JP-1 or other Hemi aftermarket engine blocks. Optional front alum. brace short, medium, or long.