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Valve Adjusting Wrench 1/2" 15 Degree

Part No.:  2700-0059R
1320 INC.
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RBS carries a full line of valve adjusting wrenches to fit just about everyone's needs. These wrenches will work with most all Hemi and most other race engines that use a 1/2" adjuster nut.

These wrenches are built with durability and comfort in mind and kill two birds with one stone. It has the most common adjuster 1/2" nut size. Includes a 3/16" hex T -handle. Finish is durable powdercoat. Handle is at a fifteen degree angle which some racers prefer over a ninety degree angle tool. Handle is 10.00" long and has a steel ball welded to the end to give the tool some inertia when cracking the nut loose.