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Grade 9 Crank Bolt

1.) Make sure that all surfaces that the washer will come in contact are flat and cleaned, also make sure that the washer does not contact the end of the crank snout, leaving the hub unclamped.

2.) Make sure that the bolt will thread into the crank snout deeper, then if it had the washer on it for proper clamping. Bolt does not bottom-out, leaving the hub unclamped.

3.) Coat all threads, clamping and thrust surfaces with Loc-tite #51605, Heavy duty anti-seize, or Loc-tite #51048, Moly paste. Do not use a thread locking liquid on the threads.

4.) Assemble and torque the grade 9 crank bolt to 400 foot/pounds.

5.) If you are using a torque multiplier, add an additional 10% of the torque value, for mechanical loss in the torque multiplier gear drive. (400 x 1.10 = 440)

6.) If you use a drive extension between the torque wrench and the socket, this will reduce the torque delivered to the bolt.

7.) The grade 9 bolt and special hardened washer have been successfully tested to 600 foot/pounds, in an all - steel application.

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