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Downloadable Files Downloadable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files. RBS Work Sheets and Quote forms.
11mm Blower Pully Chart

A complete chart of 11mm Blower Pullys

14/13.9mm Blower Pully Chart

14mm Blower Pully size information

Barrel Value Leak Down

RBS wants to talk about the importance of the leaking down of your barrel valve when running fuel injection. An improperly set barrel valve can result in off idle stumbles or overly rich conditions...

Blower Belts Blower Belt Types and Identification
Grade 9 Crank Bolt
The Guide to Carburetion RBS is asked how much carburation is required for a supercharged engine? In other words, how big of a carburetor(s) will the engine require to avoid limiting the airflow into the supercharger. This is determined by a formula that takes into consideration the cubic inch displacement of the engine, the maximum RPM at which it will be operated, and the boost at the RPM. Any increase or decrease of these criteria will require a corresponding increase or decrease in carburetor CFM...
Supercharger Instructions Idler Assembly 1.) Bolt the idler bracket to the supercharger using 4~tube spacers and long bolts. torque bolts to 25 ibs. 2.) Slide idler pulley stand into idler pulley, note idler pulley bearings are offset 5/8" so idler pulley may need to be reserved for proper alignment....
Initial Supercharger Procedures Initial use of the supercharger procedures: 1.) Manifold flatness: the intake manifold must be flat to the mating of the supercharger bottom. if the manifold is not flat, the supercharger case can become damaged during the tightening of the supercharger to the intake manifold....
Manifolds 1.) Remove all foreign material from manifold and clean with soap and water to remove all polishing compound. 2.) Apply a light coating of gasket sealer to intake gaskets around intake ports, and a bead of silicone around water ports, and position on heads. note:bb chevy uses thin gaskets on standard port location heads and thick 1/8 gaskets on raised runner heads...
Nitro Facts DID YOU KNOW *That one NHRA Top Fuel dragster 500 cubic inch hemi engine makes more horsepower than all the cars in the first four rows at the Daytona 500. *Dragsters reach over 300 miles per hour before you have completed reading this sentence....
Spring Chart
Supercharger FAQ 1.) Check the supercharger and make sure it is clean from any debris. 2.) Bolt the carburetor adapter to the top of the supercharger using the screened gasket provided. torque bolt to 25-28 ft.ibs...
Fittings Guide This is a guide to relative AN fitting sizes
NHRA Safety Equipment Expiration Periods List of standard expiration periods for safety equipment, based on NHRA rules.
-6 & -8 CHECK VALVE BREAK DOWN RBS Superchargers gets so many calls on check valves and what is in them that we thought it might be a good idea to show the racer the in's and out's of the check valve. We sell the check valve complete or sell the parts individually.
Crankshaft Worksheet
Belt Length Chart
Drive Ratio 8mm 8mm Pulley Drive Ratio Chart
1200 Series Drag Racing Springs Our standard high performance processed springs with round or ovate wire. 1200 Series springs have excellent load loss while still maintaining a good fatigue life. These springs are developed for economical racing budgets.
1300 Series Drag Racing Springs Premium processed Nano Peen™ springs. These springs have exotic surface enhancements for extremely high reliability while still maintaining world class load loss performance. They also feature ID and OD chamfering.
1300 Dual Drag Race Series With advancements in heat treating and alloy, PAC Racing Springs has been able to design dual springs that have a higher rate than traditional triple springs. Advantages of dual springs offer: lighter mass, higher frequency, higher rate, extreme engine RPM capability, and horsepower advantages.
MOREL Lifters - Chevy
MOREL Lifters AMC, Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Cadillac, Chevy 348, Holden, NASCAR Keyed
MOREL Lifters - Ford
Rev Limiter
Pulley's PSI/RCD Customers are always asking what pulley do I need, I have a PSI mini snout or I have a RCD snout. Here is a quick lesson in pulleys.
SBC Standard/.391 Raised Cam Installation Instructions
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