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Rev Limiter

Magneto Rev Limiter

This rev limiter is a centrifugal device that grounds the magneto when the preset RPM limit has been achieved. As soon as the engine speed drops, the ignition is restored and the motor resumes running.

The white wire from the rev limiter should be trimmed to the proper length and terminated with the included terminal and shrink tubing. Attach the wire to the positive (+) terminal of the magneto transformer. The standard Super Mag harness will have the orange or red wire of the harness attached to the positive terminal as well. Yellow or black is always the ground wire from the mag.

The preset RPM limit is stamped on the side of the polished spacer beneath the tower. Adjusting the the RPM limit is done by changing the thickness of this spacer and should be verified on a test machine.

The holes in the side of the plastic tower are air vents, not adjustment holes!

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