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Supercharger FAQ

1.) Check the supercharger and make sure it is clean from any debris.

2.) Bolt the carburetor adapter to the top of the supercharger using the screened gasket provided. torque bolt to 25-28 ft.ibs

3.) Bolt snout coupler to the drive gear using blue loctite on bolts, and torque to 24 ft lbs

4.) Apply a small amount of grease on splines, and bolt the snout to the front cover. use blue loctite on bolts to prevent oil from leaking past threads and torque to 18 ft ibs.

5.) With the supercharger sitting level on bench, fill front gear cover with 80w-90 gl-5 gear oil, or synthetic equivalent, to center of 1/4 pipe plug hole. install 1/4 pipe plug in hole using teflon tape.

6.) Install 1/8 pipe pressure relief valve in front cover.

7.) Carefully set the supercharger on top on manifold and bolt down with flanged aluminum nuts. torque supercharger to 10-12 ft.ibs. starting from the center working out.

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