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Supercharger Instructions

Idler Assembly

1.) Bolt the idler bracket to the supercharger using 4~tube spacers and long bolts. torque bolts to 25 ibs.

2.) Slide idler pulley stand into idler pulley, note idler pulley bearings are offset 5/8" so idler pulley may need to be reserved for proper alignment.

3.) Install t-nut into back side of the idler bracket, and bolt the idler pulley to bracket with 5/8"-18 bolt provided.  at this time leave the idler pulley loose so it can slide back and forth in slot.

accessory pulley

1.) With the harmonic balancer installed, remove crank bolt and washer. note - rbs superchargers recommends the use of an aftermarket balancer such as ati, fluidampr, bhj.ect

2.) Bolt accessory pulley to balancer wtih three 3/8" blots. the kit comes with both course and fine thread bolts, so check balancer for thread pitch before installation. torque bolts to 35 ft.ibs

8mm Pulleys and BLT

1.) Bolt 8mm pulley to accessory pulley and torques to 35 ft ibs

2.) Bolt 8mm pulley to snout and torque to 35 ft ibs. its is recommended to use a small amount of blue loctite to bolts before installation.  some kits are supplied with pulley spacer to be used between the snout and the 8mm pulley to achieve proper pulley alignment.

3.) Install 8mm belt over pulleys and tighten idler pulley. the idler pulley can ride on either the inside or outside of the belt, however we recommend the idler pulley on the inside pushing out. set belt tension with engine cold, and allow 3/4" to 1" side to side movement on straight side of belt.  with engine at full operating temperature, you should have 1/4 side to side movement. over tightening of belt can cause severe damage to crankshaft and drive components.

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