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1.) Remove all foreign material from manifold and clean with soap and water to remove all polishing compound.

2.) Apply a light coating of gasket sealer to intake gaskets around intake ports, and a bead of silicone around water ports, and position on heads. note:bb chevy uses thin gaskets on standard port location heads and thick 1/8 gaskets on raised runner heads.

3.) Use a bead of silicon on the top of the block to seal to the bottom of the manifold both front and rear.

4.) Set manifold on heads and torque to 25ft ibs. starting from center working out. repeat final torque sequence 2 to 3 times to insure manifold is seated correctly.

5.) Install aluminum studs in manifold with 5/32 allen wrench till threads bottom out.

6.) Trim universal blower base gasket to match the bottom of the supercharger, and set on manifold.  do not use silicone on base gaskets as it may distort supercharger and case damage to the supercharger

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