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192/250 SBC/BBC Supercharger Kits

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For the hot rodder that likes the sleek body lines of their car with nothing sticking thru the hood but craves more tire shredding power or the pleasure boater that wants to scoot across the lake at 100mph with friends enjoying a beverage while no worries of long hair getting sucked into an air cleaner or worse yet blower belt here my friends is the answer.

Blower Shop has smashed open the doors on the low profile blower market and RBS is proud to offer the customers the finest low-profile blower kits on the market. To give you an idea on a low-profile superchargers height an average 6-71 roots blower is 7.50" tall, low-profile 192 5.500" and low-profile 250 supercharger is 5.525".

Now add in the intake on a 6-71 and you are looking at 14.00" from deck of manifold to top of blower, low-profile SBC 8.625", low-profile BBC 10.560". Yes friends we are talking big power in a small package!! Now lets talk power, these blowers can produce up to ten pounds boost without losing efficiency allowing you to cruise around with the kids to get ice cream but when you tell your buddy to hop in you need to run to the store, stomp on the loud pedal, pin their head back against the seat and let the smoke roll off the tires getting on the on ramp.

Pull back in the driveway and you hear, honey did you get what you needed at the store? Smiling ear to ear "Yes dear" enough said. So lets get down to the blower kit features that make this blower package the best bang for the buck: Blower cases are made from solid 6061 bar stock so no casting or porosity issues. Polish is second to none and no where will you find a nicer finish. Bearing plates, blower snout and front cover are also all made from billet alum. for the greatest strength, precision fit and best finish possible. Internal surfaces are hard anodized for galling and corrosion protection.

Rotors use a two lobe rotor design that have a tip strip of Teflon to seal the rotors to the case and pump more air in the motor while keeping the boost in the intake and leaking back up thru the supercharger. Heat-treated precision ground helical gears to keep rotors in perfect time and give the customer a smooth, quiet supercharger. 10 or 16 rib hard anodized supercharger pulleys that allow the customer many different drive ratios to cater the boost level to each users liking. 10 rib are great for applications where room is an issue. Billet polished carburetor adapter to allow 4150 or 4500 single or dual carburetor applications. Spring loaded idler pulley tensioner assm.

This type of idler pulley will set the correct tension on the serpentine belt for miles and miles of fun with no worries of over tightening and knocking the bearings out of the snout or running to loose and having a slipping blower belt. Idler pulley is hard anodized for wear resistance and has sealed ball bearings for longevity.

Blower manifold is cast alum. and polished to a brilliant luster. Manifold includes a stud and nut kit to mount the supercharger to the manifold. Intake is machined for a thermostat and traditional water neck assm. off the front of the manifold. Manifold to blower surface is machined for an O-ring for a superior seal between the two.

Good news for the SBC crowd the intake can fit up to a 1206 Fel-Pro intake gasket so if you are purchasing heads that have modern port sizes no extra modifications needed to the intake to make it fit with the cylinder heads. SBC intake is designed for twenty three degree cylinder heads only. Crank driven acc. can be driven with a two or three groove V-pulley or a six rib serpentine pulley allowing the customer lots of applications to drive power steering, air conditioning, alternator and water pumps. Blower kit includes 192 SBC or 250 BBC low-profile supercharger assm. with drive snout and idler pulley assm. Upper/lower blower drive pulleys, blower belt, carburetor adapter, intake manifold with gaskets and O-ring. BBC kits are available for 9.80" standard deck or 10.20" tall deck applications.

All supercharger applications are set up for short water pumps (SWP) unless specified (LWP) for long water pump application. Customer can pick blower kit from drop down menu and specify in notes engine size, static compression, gas type (pump or race) and boost you would like to make and let RBS take care of the rest.

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