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Blower Snout Mounted Idler Bracket #4130

Part No.: 
MPN: 4130
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*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** Blower snout mounted swing arm idler bracket. This idler bracket is made from billet aluminum and clamps around the blower snout to give the user a clean simple way to mount an idler bracket in long blower snout applications.

Bracket uses a 3/8-16" shcs grade 8 bolt for mounting. This bracket is polished and racer must read below to pick the proper bracket for there application.

TBS/Littlefield blower snout O.D. of 3.430" with 5/8-18" threads to mount the idler pulley.

BDS blower snout O.D. of 3.370" with 5/8-11" threads to mount the idler pulley.

If unsure of what brand of blower snout you have slip a pair of dial calipers over the snout housing so you will get the right part the first time. There is a small amount of adjustment for different size blower snouts.

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