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Braided Hose Hole Alignment/Enlargement Tool

Part No.:  2700-0072A
MPN: 6055A1
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This tool is essential for the racer that builds their own braided hoses at their shop, it serves two purposes. The first one is when you cut stainless braided hose or XRP black XR-31 hose it often leaves it in a oblong shape which makes getting the line nut over the hose a pain and getting the barbed part into the hose no simple chore and when you see those braided steel barbs coming towards your fingers it is hard to smile because you know how it is going to hurt and bleed.

Fear not friends, clamp this tool in your vice and after cutting the hose simply push onto this tapered shaft and let it form the hose to be round again making getting the line nut or barbed part of the fitting in the hose much easier.

The second part of the tool is when the racer uses XRP XR-31 braided hose from time to time you wil put together a new hose, tighten everything up and notice it cut the inside of the hose. XRP recommends if this has happened to push the XR-31 black hose over this tapered tool to enlarge the inside of the hose slightly for assembling. Once slightly englarged it all goes together without cutting the inside of the hose that you have worked so hard to put together.

Tool is heat-treated steel and it will pay for itself many times over if you do a much plumbing with braided hoses. Tool is 15.00" long, starts at .325" diameter and goes up to .950" in diameter so this one tool covers the full spectrum of braided hose sizes that are used on a race car.

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