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Clear View Chevy Block Adpt. Kit BBC/SBC

For the racer that wants to run a Clear View oil filter on their hot rod, Billet Connection has made the connection between the block and the Clear View oil filter a snap to plumb with this AN line block adpt. kit.

This Block Adapter has been redesigned so it will NOT restrict the flow of oil. It features a directional block adapter with an arrow that points to the front of the engine. Reason for this is so it lines up the outlet opening in the block with the outlet opening of the block adapter for better oil flow.

It also allows the inlet opening to have extra material around the opening to accept a larger fitting without restricting the flow of oil.

It's very important to install the block adapter with the arrow pointing to the front of the engine or the block adapter could restrict the flow of oil.

Most all of the Chevy factory blocks or aftermarket Performance and Racing blocks have 0.600" diameter holes for the oil filter inlet and outlet oil passages. Most of the Chevy block adapters on the market today have 1 /2" pipe thread inlet and outlet openings. The problem with that is the inside diameter of 1/2" pipe fittings are 0.530" in diameter. This means 1/2" pipe fittings WILL restrict the flow of oil even in stock applications let alone in Performance and all out Race Engines.

By moving the inlet and outlet openings we were able to put an 1 1/16" - 12 threads per inch in to the threaded openings, which is the same as a #12 straight thread with an O-ring fitting that thread's into the block adapter. Most #12 fittings have a 0.610" diameter hole a little larger than the block oil feed holes.

The Chevy Block Adapters also have two O-rings that create a double seal which seals and stops oil from leaking outside the motor. As pictured below, the single smaller O-ring in the middle seals the inlet opening from the outlet opening.

Adapter is made from billet alum. and clear anodized for a stunning finish. Block adapter will not fit the Gen Five or Six engine blocks.

Kit comes shrink wrapped with the following Included: 1 Billet block adapter, 3 Viton sealing O-rings, 2 - 5/16" x 1 5/8" Allen head mounting bolts with sealing O-Rings and directions.

If racer would like to purchase -12 fittings to plumb the filter adapter be sure to check out #340-0038.