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Clevite MS-1795V Main Bearing Set

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*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** RBS carries a complete line of Clevite bearings for your race engine. The Clevite 77 design incorporates the strength of a copper-lead layer on a precision steel back and finally, a precision electroplated thin overlay of babbitt material only .0005' - .0008' thick.

If you liked the results you used to get with Vandervell bearings--especially their higher conformability--then you should love Clevite V-Series main bearings, which basically duplicate the Vandervell items. Built on unplated steel backings, for better dimensional accuracy and bore contact, they have low-to-medium eccentricity. The biggest difference between V-Series and other Clevite 77 bearings is their lead-indium surface alloy, which gives them that extra conformability. Unlike Vandervell main bearings, Clevite V-Series main-bearing sets use a single-piece thrust bearing, so you don't need separate, assembled thrust bearings.

Main bearings are sold in sets of four pairs with a center thrust bearing.

Racer can choose standard or .010" under from the drop down menu.

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