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Crank Trigger Bracket Assm. TFX

TFX crank trigger mounting bracket assm. With today's high powered ignition systems and hi reving race motors there is no substitute for accurate ignition timing. RBS has found the crank trigger ignition to be the most accurate and easy to use of them all.

These brackets are machined from billet alum. with several mounting holes for the trigger brackets providing maximum timing adjustments.

Fits a TFX '92, '96 or 2000 and newer engine blocks. Brackets will provide a place to mount either single or dual pick ups for crank trigger ignition.

Also included is an adjustable timing pointer that is designed to be used with the seven inch diameter degree ring and an adjustable pick up bracket. Mounting hardware is included.

Extra pickup brackets and crank trigger pick ups can be purchased separately. Bracket is made by RCD.

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