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Dual Carburetor 4150 Flame Arrestor/Air Cleaner Assm.

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For the hot rodder that is looking for something a little different on the top of there blown hot rod other than a traditional dual carb. scoop this is quite possibly the cleanest most functional air clear assm. for a dual 4150 carburetor set up on the market.

Top and bottom mount plates are made from billet alum. that both have had extensive CNC machine work done to them to reduce weight and give the part some sexiness instead of a boring flat plate, then a mirror like show polish applied for that Bling! factor.

Air cleaner element is K&N which keeps harmful particles out of the engine but still allows lots of air thru filter element to make lighting the two tire fire a simple chore with your blown beauty. Filter assm. includes stainless steel mounting hardware and is designed to fit all dual 4150 type carburetors on a 8.625" spread.

Air cleaner assm. measures 21.00" x 10.50" x 4.750" and buyer can choose from show polish or sinister black anodize which looks like black chrome as it is first polished then anodized for that gangster stealth look.

Top plate is shown with a protective cover that the air cleaner is shipped with so no chance of a scuff in your new shiny part when it arrives. Simply peel it off and let is shine!

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