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Idler Pulley Smooth 3.4" Wide 1 Piece 3.40" Dia. Alum. 84mm

Part No.:  1510-0020C
MPN: 156028-0049
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*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** RCD smooth 1pc. idler assm. 3.40" diam. where the belt rides, 4.60" overall dia. and is 3.40" wide for 84mm blower belts. Idler pulley is made from billet alum., has been hard black anodized for wear resistance, uses high speed precision bearings and is set up to be used with a .750" bolt or stud and a 1" T-nut.

Pulley is designed to be used with outboard support idler brackets and will need two idler pulley spindles if the racer does not have them which can be purchased separate using #1510-0025.
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