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Intercooler TBS Polished Billet Alum. 6-71-16-71 Assm.

*** POLISHED IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** TBS 6-71 thru 16-71 polished billet intercooler assm. Who needs a intercooler you may wonder well my friends anyone who runs blown gas can benefit greatly from a intercooler.

In back to back dyno tests on a blown BBC horsepower was 840 with a manifold temp. of 190 using a 8-71 making 8 pounds of boost. Simply bolting on intercooler horsepower soared to 902 and dropped manifold temp. to 106. The intercooler housing is made from billet alum. offering superior strength over its cast relatives and the fin count is 19 per square inch on the blower side and 16 on the water side.

Simple to hook up as the end tank is machined for two -12 ORB fittings for water coming in and water going out is -10 ORB. Included is gaskets, studs and nuts.

The intercooler does raise the blower up four inches which in most situations you will need to purchase a longer blower belt. Let the RBS staff help with picking the new blower belt if you are unsure which one to purchase. This intercooler will bolt up to any aftermarket blower manifold with the industry standard roots blower pattern.

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