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LS Billet Polished Cathedral Port Blower Manifold #2571-#2572

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MPN: 2571
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Well friends just when you thought it can't get any better surprise!!!!!!!!! Blower Shop shows up to the party with this polished billet alum. LS blower manifold.

For the customer that wants to put a roots blower on there rectangle port LS motor this gives you a great option to slap that big beautiful roots blower on that LS engine you have always dreamt of.

Manifold starts out with a over 3.00" chunk of billet alum. which has every surface beautifully CNC machined inside and out then a 1.00" top is machined and bolted to the bottom part with twelve bolts that are hidden down in the top plate then off to the polisher for a finish that will leave you scratching your head thinking how did they do that. No porosity or wavy polish job that can happen with cast blower manifolds. Ports are O-ringed and manifold includes a set of alum. anodized blower studs and nuts with a set of Buna O-rings for the ports with two anodized alum. pipe plugs for the acc. holes in the rear of the intake if they are not being used.

Manifold has a 12.250" x 4.00" opening and can be used with 6-71 thru 14-71 roots blowers with the small bottom opening. Manifold includes a billet alum. spring loaded pop off and has two 1/8" pipe provisions in the rear for a boost gauge or whatever else the customer may want to plumb into the intake manifold. Intake is 4.00" tall from deck surface to blower manifold surface. Cathedral port manifold fits 4.8L, 5.3L, LS 1, LS 6, LQ 4, and LQ 9 cylinder head ports but will not fit LS 7 rectangle ports. Stay tuned as an LS 7 intake will be available soon.

Buyer can choose between carbureted or EFI intake from the drop down menu.

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