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PSI Screw Blower Alum. Relief Cut Blower Stud 7075

Part No.:  900-0004P
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RBS has found this to be the most versatile blower stud on the market for roots blowers and screw blowers. This stud will stand up to the demands of today's blown nitro or blown alcohol applications.

It is made from a 7075 alum. that has been anodized for wear resistance and has relief machined in the shank of the stud to allow the stud to break before damaging the supercharger case. The stud has 7/16-14 threads on the manifold side and standard 7/16-20 for the manifold nuts.

Studs fit most SSI, Kobelco, Whipple or screw blowers but will not fit Mooneyham, Kuhl, Littlefield, BDS or Blower Shop superchargers. Stud length is 2.155" not including the top, including the starter top 2.255".

Studs are sold individual. RBS also can supply7/16 AN washer #420-0007, and 7/16-20 12 pt. nut steel #450-0017TP.