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RCD Crank Hub Installer/Remover 3/4-16" Crank Bolt Thread

This tool is a must for the professional racer or serious engine builder. This tool makes installing crank hubs a snap and removing them no problem even when the motor has detonated and caused the hub to gall on the crank.

The threaded shaft is made of durable heat treated steel and this unit uses double bearings for strength inside of an anodized aluminum housing. This unit must have a 3/4-16" crank bolt thread to be used.

Can be used on all crank hubs and bearing support hubs that use six 3/8" bolts on a 2.782" bolt circle.

For the BBC fans RCD has put a 1/2-20" thread on the end of the 3/4" stud so the tool can be used for BBC engine applications if chosen. If not going to use the 1/2-20" thread chop it off and the 3/4" thread opportunities will be endless.

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