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Reverse Injector Adpt. Polished

From time to time a racer competes in class where the motor is installed in the chassis backwards from what is considered standard making the injector face backwards. Used to be a racer could just flip the injector around and away you went but with todays race blowers with smaller top openings the injector will typically have a dead air space if that is done now.

Well RBS to the rescue with this billet alum. reverse injector adpt. you can take a common Big Ugly or carbon fiber type injector with a 13.250" on center bolt pattern and spin it around on a 10.50" top opening blower and now you are ready to blast down the track with everything flowing smoothly.

Injector adpt. is made from 1.00" billet alum. that is O-ringed on both sides so no gaskets or messy silicone has to be used and mouting hardware as well as O-ring cord are included with the injector adpt. Opening is 10.375" x 4.50" and may take a little final blending for a perfect match but can be bolted on and run right out of the box if the buyer chooses.

Keep in mind when flipping the injector around it will stick out towards the blower pulley two inches.

Injector adapter will work with all injectors that use a 13.250" on center bolt pattern but if being used with a Bug or Bird catcher injector the racer will still need a ramp inside the hat for smooth air flow into the blower.

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