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Taylor SFI 4.1 Lenco CS-1 3 Spd. Ballistic Trans. Blanket

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RBS is proud to supply racers with some of the finest safety equipment for your Lenco CS-1 three speed transmission.

Blanket has adjustable straps and steel buckles to make the fit around the transmission nice and snug in the event of a transmission failure the racer will be protected. Blanket is SFI 4.1 certified and has durable sewn on nylon straps to allow the transmission to be installed or removed from the race car with ease. Blanket has the chassis holes for a door car but will work with any Lenco CS-1 three speed transmission.

The difference between nylon and Kevlar is weight which generally Kevlar is around two pounds lighter and due to the strength of the Kevlar the blanket is a little thinner and easier to work with around the transmission but the nylon works well in a sportsman type application.

The racer has their choice of nylon or Kevlar for which best suits there application and can be chosen from the drop down menu.

Blanket weights four pounds as seen in the pictures and Kevlar is typically two pounds lighter.

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