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Used 11mm 54 Tooth Blower Pulley Alum.

Pulley has had a hard life and now best it be used as a display pulley or could be used for back up but buyer should look at the pictures real good first. You can double click each picture to blow it up to give the teeth a good luck before purchasing.

Pulley has lots of small nicks n the teeth but there are two teeth that have part of tooth missing which can be seen in picture two and four.

Perfect for a man cave display or museum restoration piece. This pulley is 3.50" wide, has the standard 2.00" register with six .375" mounting holes on a 2.782" bolt circle.

Pulley is hard anodized for wear resistance. Teeth are GT profile. Fits 4-71 thru 18-71 roots and screw superchargers.

Note: This is a used item.  This item might have been taken in on a trade. RBS may have inspected this item and deemed re-usable. There is no warranty expressed or implied with this item.

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