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Used 3.375" Single Butterfly Injector Assm.

Used Ron's flying toilet anodized alum. 3.750" single butterfly injector assm. For the racer that wants fuel injection on a 4150 type mounting flange manifold this is a clean and simple way to go.

Injector is complete with barrel valve, distribution block, nozzle jets & bodies as well as fuel lines and linkages. Racer must drill and tap eight 1/8" NPT ports into intake manifold for nozzle bodies.

Single 3.750" butterfly injector flows approximately 1240 cfm and is drilled and tapped on the injector body .125" pipe for a primer nozzle or air bleed. This injector can be used with a naturally aspirated motor or set up on top of a blower motor with a 4150 type carb adpt.

Injector housing is blue anodized and butterfly is black anodized. Air cleaner mounting flange is 5.00".

Everything we have for this application is in the pictures.

Note: This is a used item.  This item might have been taken in on a trade. RBS may have inspected this item and deemed re-usable. There is no warranty expressed or implied with this item.

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