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RCD Crank Mounted Starter Assm. 6" Heavy Duty

Part No.:  2050-0002A
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If you are going to start a big Hemi in a drag boat or two blown BBC's locked crank to crank on a pull tractor then this is the starter for you. RCD's high torque electric starter is designed for the direct cranking of high performance racing engines without needing costly flywheels with breakage prone ring gears.

Starter unit consists of a heavy-duty electric motor, planetary reduction gearing, multiple-disk clutch, automatic jaw engaging device and a three lug driving jaw. Motor is series wound, of the intermittent duty type, which produces a very high starting torque. Reduction gearing has a ratio of approximately 12:1 which gives this starter the cranking speed that the old military starters didn't have.

The three-tooth starter jaw automatically engages when the starter switch is closed, and disengages when the engine starts. Operating on 48 volts DC, a minimum cranking speed of approximately 600 rpm can be expected while drawing a maximum of 150 amps.

The motor, gear train, engaging mechanism and attaching drives are high quality construction, intended to provide years of service with minimum maintenance. The starter is considered six inch which means the diameter of the mounting flange. So if you are going to order a mounting bracket it will need to be purchased with the six inch mounting pattern.