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RCD Heavy Duty Blower Belt Guard Starter Face Plate W/Snout Clamp

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RCD billet starter face plate with blower snout clamp mount. This part is designed to be used with set back roots blowers that need to be able to be started off the supercharger. Guard bracket is designed to be clamped around a 3.530" dia. blower snout but can be adapted to other blower snouts with clamp adpt. sleeves by the buyer if they choose.

The bracket uses a simple two bolt clamp design and can be used with a woodruff key to provide extra safety from the clamp spinning on the snout when the starter is turning over on the engine. The two holes at the bottom of the clamp provide the racer with a place to mount a blower snout support which is a must when using snouts longer than 8.00". Bracket is machined from a solid chuck of billet alum. and if you are unsure if this will fit your blower snout simply use some dial calipers to measure your blower snout diameter.

RBS stocks a complete line of RCD blower belt guards if the customers chooses to make this bracket a complete blower belt guard. Customer can choose from a dragster type shown or a funny car type that has the top starter lug machined off for body clearance.