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429-460 BBF Ford Blower Manifold

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*** SATIN & POLISHED IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** RBS specializes in stocking some of the tough to find blower manifolds and here is a shining example of the 429-460 Ford blower manifold. This manifold features a standard water outlet in the front of the intake to make installing for street use and the manifold also includes a spring loaded backfire valve for manifold protection.

Manifold fits a 6-71 thru 16-71 roots type supercharger. Blower manifold is 6.90" inches tall from deck of block to blower mounting surface. Manifold ports are set up for Super Cobra Jet type ports on the cylinder heads and if the buyer is going to use port injection the buyer will have to drill and tap the bosses 1/8" pipe.

Buyer should plan on gasket match porting of the blower manifold to their intake gaskets. Intakes vary from intake to intake but some will have some alum. material in the port and will need a clean up before installing.

Buyer can choose from a satin or polished finish at time of purchase from drop down menu.

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