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Barrel Valve -3 Enrichment/Lean Out Valve

*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** For the racer that wants to change the barrel valve leak down setting right on the starting line or in the pits RBS has this new thumb enrichment/lean out valve that is very easy to install and use for the crew chief to make last minute adjustments before sending the pilot into battle.

Typically on an Enderle barrel valve the racer has to carry two wrenches and be ready to make some quick moves in the event of wanting to make a change. With this new enrichment/lean out valve the racer has about a ten percent window to play with so changes are easily and safely made with a simple twist of the thumb wheel on the valve.

The racer can drill and tap there inlet fitting on the barrel valve to plumb the valve in or they can come off the bottom of the barrel valve where the inner -3 plug is and tie into the main jet circuit then is just a matter of two -3 lines and connect into the distribution block and you my friend are ready for some action.

Valve is made from billet alum. and has two -3 ORB ports that include two -3 AN anodized fittings.

RBS can supply the racer with -3 AN hoses or any needed fittings to make the set up complete at additional cost if the racer chooses. Can be used with any barrel valve that the racer can tap into the inlet of and can be used with gas, alcohol or the stinky yellow foggy stuff.

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