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Enrichment/Lean Out Valve -3 Hose/-3 ORB

*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** For the racer that wants to add a lean or richen the motor with a simple knob twist RBS carries this small lightweight mechanical enrichment/lean out valve. Simple to plumb with female -3 ORB threads on both sides of the valve, racer can install -3 ORB to -3 flare fittings to run hoses to. Valve has a .100" hole in it so the racer can run their fuel system with it wide open and when wanting to lean out start closing the valve down or run it shut and when wanting to richen the motor begin to open the valve and let the magic happen.

Many cackle fest customers also like this valve to help with the fine tuning of their header flames during the fire up the motor shows.

Valve is made from billet alum. that has been anodized for corrosion protection.

Knob is knurled for maximum grip with no slip

Valve has a tapered needle that goes into a tapered seat when you tighten the knob

Valve size is 1.50" x 1.50" x .625"

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