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Blower Rotor Re-Strip Stand

Part No.:  2700-0048
1320 INC.
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For the racer that likes to maintain there own supercharger and have a safe way to hold the rotor while pulling strips RBS is proud to bring the racer this durable steel blower rotor stand. Easy to mount in a vice or with the wide feet can sit on a workbench without flopping over and making the task more difficult than it needs to be. Rotor stand is made from one inch square steel tubing with plastic caps to cap of the open ends and the whole stand is tig welded construction. Rotor stands have two centering points for the racer to set the rotor between with over five inches of adjustment then simply spin the handle to tighten down and the jam nut can be snugged to keep from loosening. Stand has twelve inch wide feet, measures twenty seven inch's long and is seven inch's tall so keep in mind even though the stand is light it has to ship in a large box. Currently we offer stands for 8-71 thru 16-71 rotors with heavy duty aftermarket shafts. If racer is using a 8-71 with stock GM rear shafts this fixture will not work for that application as the centering point is to small for a stock GM shaft. Stand measures 18.50" to 23.50" between centers so make sure and measure your rotor shaft from end to end before ordering to make sure this work for your application. RBS will soon offer a 6-71 thru 10-71 rotor fixture.
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