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Burn Down Breather Set Funny Car/Promod

These breathers are designed to help vent the engine and take away any extra unwanted contaminates to the puke tank.

Breathers are billet aluminum where it mounts to the valve cover with two .250" fasteners on a 3.750" bolt spread. These breathers use a quick release pin that you simply pull and it snaps back in on a spring so there is no chance of losing the pin to remove the hoses so valve adjustment is made easy between rounds.

The breathers use a billet anodized hose coupler that is O-ringed to provide superior seal and the coupler accepts 1.250" hose.

Specify right or left turn looking at the front of the engine on the magneto side breather so you can route your hose inside the magneto next to the blower or route it outside the magneto.

Burn downs are sold in a pair and hose ends are purchased separate under #2600-0015.

These breathers are 3.125" tall from mounting surface to top.

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