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Carbon Fiber Pro Mod Throttle Cable Bracket Assm. Rear

*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** Throttle bracket is swept back at an angle to clear a magneto that sometimes is in the way on a Hemi or possibly a racer is coming from the rear of the engine with a throttle cable on a Pro Mod or running a PSI screw blower where mounting a cable off the injector can be difficult with the side of the blower case and restraint bag in the way.

This bracket can be mounted on the bottom of most all common JBR, Enderle, CG, Faulk, DMPE, SSI, Janis, Knut and PSI injectors. Bracket is 8.00" long end to end.

Bracket has multiple holes for mounting the throttle cable bracket with 10/24 bolts to get perfect cable geometry plus a hole drilled and tapped to mount a throttle return spring to. Includes 1/4" mounting studs, AN washers, twelve point nuts and steel swing over throttle cable bracket. Bracket is made from billet .250" alum. that has some nice lightening pockets milled into it to keep the bracket lightweight and finish is black anodized.

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