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Chevy 229-262 4-71 Blower Drive Kit

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RBS is offering complete street blower drive kits to allow the installation of a roots type 4-71 blower on a Chevy 229-262 V-6 engine. It is a much simpler chore with everything included for a trouble free installation.

All drive components are made from billet heat treated steel and aluminum with steel parts being black oxide coated and alum. parts polished to a brilliant luster. Buyer has a choice of blower pulley size to get the desired blower boost and can choose between the nostalgia looking 1/2" pitch or 8mm.

Blower belts are 3.00" wide. Included with each drive kit is a blower snout assm. with coupler, swing arm idler bracket, idler pulley assm., upper/lower blower pulleys, crank hub, blower belt, blower pulley spacer and V-groove acc. pulley. Grade eight cad-plated mounting hardware is included to bolt all components together.

Fits most all GM, Mooneyham, Kuhl, Dyers, Hampton, Littlefield, BDS, Blower Shop blowers but not Fowler, DMPE, SSI or PSI roots blowers. This drive kit is designed for street and mild track use but not for full race competition use. Buyer must choose 1/2" pitch or the 8mm upgrade and how many acc. V-groove pulley is needed on the crankshaft to drive things such as power steering, alternator or A/C.

At time of purchase let RBS know what size blower, what size engine and how much boost is desired and let RBS do the rest. These drive kits are designed to be used with industry standard blower manifolds, if the customer has something that is non-standard the kit will most likely not right fit out of the box and may take some modification.

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