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DJ Push Style Cold Fire Release Cable Assm.

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For the racer that is looking for a clean simple way to release the Cold Fire 302 fire bottle system on there hot rod DJ offers this push cable assm. that will make the installation simple and fool proof.

Racer gets a bulkhead type cable mount on the push button end and a bulkhead type mount that allows the L bracket to be mounted to the actuator and the cable attaches to the bracket so when the racer pushes in on the button it will kick open the fire bottle and extinguish any issues that may be going on as the driver finishes there run. Cable assm. includes a pull pin with a bright yellow flag so the racer knows to remove the pin before a pass.

These cables are very durable and low friction with a PTFE liner and alum/steel tubes on the ends for mounting as well as a stainless steel cable rod to provide years of trouble free service.

Includes screws to mount L bracket to actuator.

Racer must choose the length for there application at time of purchase from he drop down menu.

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